Monday, November 2, 2015

Stainless Steel Tweezers for Ingrown Hair

How many women like to pamper and care for their man. *Raises hand* I love to rub my man's head, feet and back, but what I love the most is taking care of his face.  Not only because I get some form of satisfaction out of pulling hairs from someones face, but because who wants a man with bumpy skin. NOT ME!! What bothers me though is those pesky ingrown hairs that are curled under and I can't seem to puncture the skin to get them out of there. What I have noticed is that it is those particular hairs that cause those huge bumps and are filled with so much puss.  Well, what do you do besides taking a safety pin or scissors and butcher his face, you get a pair of pointy tweezers.  That's what I did.

I had never seen any tweezers quite likes these, but Majestic Bombay sent me a free pair and I love them.  I called my boyfriend as soon as I found out I was receiving a pair and told him to get ready. Of course, since I have a reputation for being abrasive and heavy handed he was scared to death, but after some convincing I had him right where I needed him. I also had to promise that I would like blast his pictures to the world so we made a compromise that I would only use nose down pictures.  Last night, I cooked and liquored him up and right as he got comfortable I pulled out my handy dandy tweezers and went to work.  OMG you all can't guess the joy that I received from being able to actually reach and yank out those darn ingrown hairs.  I will say they most definitely are great for getting deep, but I had a bit of trouble with some of the other hairs because the ends are so straight.

All in all, I would say that this is a great product and I will definitely being using these on all the men in my family and I suggest you ladies get some for your men and you fellas get yourselves some or hint to your lady that you would like some. Click here to make your purchase today.