Monday, February 8, 2016

Diffuse Me!?!

I am transitioning back to my natural hair state and I must say that I am so in love with my hair right after I have washed it.  That love quickly dies down once it has been dried because it frizzes and just looks terrible so I was super excited to get and use my collapsible hair diffuser by CurlyCo.  I looked up videos just to make sure I knew how to use it properly.  I found out the proper techniques for holding your head while utilizing the diffuser and that was very helpful.  Otherwise, I would have been holding it like I do when I dry it regularly.

Luckily I had two dryers because the diffuser would not fit the one with a large nozzle. It does stretch a bit, but it does not fit all size dryers. I had to stretch it more to even fit my dryer with a much smaller nozzle. So, after figuring out how to attach the diffuser to the dryer, I made an attempt to diffuse my hair. It was an unsuccessful attempt mainly because I could not make it stop collapsing. I'm not sure whether or not it has a latch or something to make it stay in place, but I was unable to do so. It would not stay up so I gave up!!  Therefore, I cannot say how effective or efficient the diffuser was, but I can say that it is definitely collapsible and with that is easily stored.

I received this item for free in exchange for my honest opinion.