Saturday, January 2, 2016

Zenik Lavender Eye Mask

Sometime late last year I began having major headaches.  If I hadn't eaten, I would assume that was the reason, but I slowly started to realize that these were not hungry headaches. I still am not sure what causes them, but I have noticed that it is closer to my cycle.  My head would throb for hours and there was even pain behind my eyes. No one should have to go through this.  It was the kind of pain that makes you want to bang your head up against something.  In an effort to relieve my pain, I would take pain medicine, but I prefer natural remedies so I researched different things that I could use instead of medicine.

I saw a lavender eye mask and saw that it could help with many issues including migraines, sinus pain, and stress.  Ironically, I didn't have a headache within the first two weeks that I received the mask, but when I did it was extreme.  I have tried the mask both hot and cold and I find that I like it better when cold.  To use it as a cold pack you have to place it in the freezer for 2+ hours and for hot you just mist water on it and microwave for 30 seconds.  Heat is supposed to last for up to 10 minutes.

While the lavender smell is very nice and gives you the spa feeling, it is too strong for me and I feel like it intensifies my headaches.  I have found that if I place it on my forehead instead of over my eyes that it does not bother me at all.  So if lavender is too much for you don't place it close to your nose.

The things I liked about this product:

  • Material - The material is satin and feels great against your skin.  
  • Versatility - Ability to use it hot or cold
  • Fragrance - I enjoy the smell of the item and it helps relax and alleviate stress, anxiety and depression
  • Benefits -  hot therapy helps relieve sinus pain, dry eyes and allergies.. cold therapy soothes migraines, headaches and puffy eyes 
The things I disliked about this product:
  • Fragrance - Can be too strong
  • No handles/ straps - As an eye mask, it should have a strap or something for people that can't sleep on their back.

Here's what Zenik had to say about their product .....

Best Eye Mask for Sleep, Manage Pain and Ultimate Beauty Secret. Feel the Difference in One Use with The Most Calming and Versatile Lavender Eye Mask On The Market

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One of a Kind Lavender Eye Pillow Come With Amazing Benefits as Follows:

• Silky Satin is Gentle to Touch and Prevents Ice Shocks When Cold 
• Hot and Cold compress reduces pain, swelling and helps get rid of puffy eyes, and dark circles under eyes 
• Sleep Better in Complete Darkness with No Light Peaking Through 
• Natural Migraine Remedy and Headache Reliever without the Use of Headache Medicines 
• Excellent for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Manage Stress The Natural Way 
• Aromatherapy Eye Mask at Comfort of Your Own Home or Travel 
• Effective Meditation Eye Pillow or as a Yoga Eye Pillow 
• Great for Men, Women, and Children 
• All natural and organic ingredients such as organic flax seed and French lavender flowers 
• Designed and Manufactured in USA 

Zenik Eye Masks are Made in USA and Handcrafted Individually To Bring You the Best Quality Out There!

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Check it out for yourself here and see what others had to say about the product. Product is currently $24.95 with free shipping on orders over $35.  With Amazon Prime ($99/yr) 2 day shipping will always be free as long as the item is fulfilled by Amazon.

*** I received this item free in exchange for my honest opinion...