Friday, November 27, 2015

Alterre Holiday Giveaway

If you're like me then you've encountered the outfit and shoe coordination issue.  You've searched high and low for the perfect outfit and when you finally find it, you have no shoes to match.  You go through the oh I have that pair, nah or oh what about that pair, no struggle over and over.  You have a few that would work only if it didn't have that color in it or didn't have that strap on it.  Well, Alterre may have solved our problem ladies.  They've created shoes that you can mix and match to suit you and your lifestyle. There are 65 combinations which allow your shoes to be as versatile as you are, but it gets better.....

You have a chance to win one starter kit (2-in-1 shoes) from
What you can win:
- black heel starter kit (VALUE $180)
includes: a pair of black suede mules, mist grey Jackies, and evening sky Marilyns with a handy travel bag for the looks.

Be sure to comment and share what outfit(s) you will pair your free shoes.

Complete entry form below. Contest ends December 16, 2015 so hurry for your chance to win.

You must be 18 and older to enter and live in the US.  No purchase is necessary to win.  Blogger who is hosting the giveaway is not responsible for winner's prize, sponsor of the giveaway is.  Winner will be contacted by email and have 48 hours to claim their prize or new winner will be chosen.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fit Ring TM Powered by ArthleticTM

In a earlier post, I talked about husband's that don't like or are unable to wear their wedding bands. Well, I'm back again and this time I'm talking bout the Fit Ring TM Powered by ArthleticTM.  This ring is a men's silicone wedding ring available in black, blue, red, gray and green and according to ArthleticTM it's the official silicone wedding band for all athletics.  This ring also allows more versatility than a metal ring does.

I ordered the ring in a black size 9 and it fits better than expected seeing that it is for men. Unfortunately, my model was unavailable due to a bit of hostility from the last ring that I thought his wife would like for him to wear (he didn't want to wear a ring, but you didn't hear that from me).  So I tried on the ring and maybe it was the silicone, but actually fit my fingers, just a little.  It wasn't as attractive on me as I think it would have appeared on a guy, but it didn't look bad.

I ordered the Fit Ring from and you can go directly to the product here.  It is currently $19.99, available in sizes 8-16.  It is sold by the company Athletic and fulfilled by Amazon.  It also qualifies for free shipping if you spend so much. I took advantage of my amazon prime membership and got the order using the free 2 day shipping (it came right on time too).  The item was packaged well and came in a cute little clear pouch.

Details about the Fit Ring are...

  • Made of only the finest Medical Grade, Hypoallergenic, Non-conductive Silicone - Quality Guaranteed
  • FitRingTM powered by Arthleticis the World's #1 Trusted Brand, Quality, and Design
  • Arthletic FIT|RING is the everyday SAFE alternative to a metal ring.

 **Disclaimer.. I received this item at a huge discount in exchange for my honest review. What do you think?

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Keywiz

Have you ever experienced a moment of uncertainty due to not remembering if you locked the doors to your home?  Well, I have once or twice, but my dear ex-boyfriend can never remember is he locks the doors to his vehicles.  I recently received The Keywiz and intended to give to him, but it does not appear to be made for vehicle keys that have the thick frames.  Instead, I used it on my house key.  At first I was a bit confused because there were two free lying stickers included and both said locked, but I'll explain that in a minute.

So, included in The Keywiz package were 12 different inserts for a variety of key sizes.  Keep in mind that the opening for the key insert is a narrow box shape so you probably would only be able to utilize it for residential and commercial property doors.  Also, there were the stickers that I mentioned above.  After reading over the instructions, I quickly figured out that the color sticker you used depended upon what color LED light lite up after your locked your door.  Basically, you figure out what insert your key will fit into, push the insert into The Keywiz and press the purple button to see if you locked your door.  There is a blue and an orange light and once you have locked your door using the Keywiz and press the button, one of the lights will light up. The color of the light depends upon the color that flashed the very first time you tried it.  The color that lights up is the color sticker that you will place on the back of The Keywiz.

I locked my door with They Keywiz and when I pressed the purple button, it flashed blue. I used the blue sticker as indicated. I unlocked the door and it flashed orange. At this point I can say that the product did as it stated it would because blue means locked and orange means unlocked.  I tried it and it worked, but I find it hard to remove my key from The Keywiz. I have tried and tried to get my key out of the insert, but I don't want to pull too hard because I'm afraid I will either break it or my key.  All in all, I think it is a good concept that could use a little work on the delivery of the locked/unlocked status.

If you would like to try The Keywiz visit their page on amazon here .

**Disclaimer.. I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

SOL Silicone Wedding Ring for Men

If you've got a husband who loves you to death, but won't wear his wedding ring for this reason or that reason, then you need to order him a SOL Silicone Wedding Ring for Men, a high quality wedding band for active lifestyle.  This ring allows versatility that an average wedding ring might now.  There is no slippage issue, no worries of it getting caught on something and it complements every outfit just right..

The item can be located on Amazon by clicking here.  It is sold by RAAZOS and fulfilled by Amazon Prime.  I ordered it and selected two day shipping.  I got it in three days, but I suspect it was an issue with the courier and no fault of Amazon because everything else gets delivered on time. Currently, the item is being sold for $12.99 and free shipping is offered is you spend over $35.

Details about the wedding band include..

MATERIAL: Hypoallergenic, non conductive, non porous, non toxic, waterproof, medical grade silicone rubber. Designed for: Electricians, Firefighters, Policemen, Travelers, Bikers, Campers and Outdoor Adventurers.
DISCOVER COMFORT AND SAFETY IN YOUR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: A safe alternative for the metal wedding ring - our flexible basketball, baseball, climbing, diving, water sports, and any activity you take on.
STYLISH silicone wedding band in a modern masculine design. Gray with red stripe.
THIN but strong and durable.
WIDTH is 8.7mm, thickness is 2mm.

According to RAAZOS...
"The SOL Silicone Wedding Band is a high-quality alternative for men with active lifestyles and jobs requiring machinery.
Safer than the traditional wedding band, our hypoallergenic, non-conductive, non-porous, non-toxic, waterproof, medical grade silicone rubber band will let you pursue your active lifestyle while still showing the world you are happily married!
Ring evulsion incidents are common. A sudden pull on a finger ring can result in serious soft tissue injury.

In SOL Rings we value your complete satisfaction and strive to offer the best quality product and excellent customer service. Please contact us with any problem or suggestion, we love to hear from our costumers

At SOL rings, we are inspired by the sun that represent all the good things in life."

Now, I have no husband nor do I have a boyfriend, but I do have friends that are married or have been married.  I have heard at least one say that he doesn't wear a ring because of the duties of his job and it can be dangerous. So, he was my model and I'm sure his wife will be happy about this gift because now he has no more excuses, but I may have just lost a friend.  Ha ha, I doubt it!  

The ring appears to be brown and red, but it's actually grey and red.  According to my guy friend, despite his hesitation, the ring is very comfortable and stylish for a man.  He stated, " I would actually considering wearing this on a daily basis and would see if I could wear it while working." Looks like his wife may be a new customer for RAAZOS and get all the looks available.  Don't be let out, order you husband one today!

Disclaimer** I received this product free in exchange for an honest review..

Planet Beach Spa Gulfport

I received a call last week and was told that I had been referred by my sister for three free spa treatments.  My jaw dropped to the ground.  I was in shock because I would never expect a free spa treatment just based on a referral.  So I asked the lady what the name of her company was again because surely this was a setup and my sister was playing a joke on me.  Planet Beach Spa was the name of the company and then I became even more suspicious due to my only knowledge of Planet Beach was as a tanning company.

I agreed to make a visit and set up an appointment for today, November 20, 2015 as a treat to myself for my birthday weekend.  I called my sister for some reassurance and she explained to me that they offered much more than tanning services, but they were not a "spa" spa.  There was no one there to massage me in my nook and crannies, but they offered a great alternative, a full body massage chair.

Some of the spa services offered by Planet Beach are

  • Automated facials - Brighten and harmonize your skin tone with the revolutionary Luminous Facial and notice a softer, more youthful complexion with benefits lasting up to 90 days.
  • Slim Capsule* - New and immensely popular service. It's appropriate for anyone who wants to lose weight or reduce cellulite. It also can benefit people with injuries or physical.
  • Hyrdo-Derma Fusion* - Revitalize your skin with this ultimate, nutrient-rich, moisture treatment. Designed for deep hydration, this treatment will leave your skin nourished, beautiful and rejuvenated.
  • Automated Massages* - At the touch of a button, you will enjoy an effective massage that will relieve stress, decrease muscle tension and increase flexibility.  They have both, the HydroMassage & DreamWave Massage.
  • Teeth Whitening - Teeth Whitening by Planet Beach is safe, fast, convenient and delivers the five essential elements needed for teeth whitening; Peroxide, Pressure, Light, Heat and Exposure. Pearly whites can be yours in just minutes!
  • Saunatox - Saunatox uses far-infrared light to improve blood circulation, soothe muscles, reduce toxins and improve skin tone and texture.  it also helps enhance metabolism and burn calories.
On my visit I decided to try the Hydro-Derma Fusion and the full body massage chair.  First, let me say that both items were great.  I got the hydro-derma fusion treatment first and it was not what I expected, but quite enjoyable and I felt great afterwards. It is what you would expect when you visit to get a tan as you lay down and close the machine down over your body.  You face is not covered however.  The machine's temperature increased over time until it reaches a temperature of 118 degrees.  I wasn't even aware that my body was sweating, but 20 minutes later, I stepped out of the machine and there I was soaking in sweat.  It wasn't the EWW kind of sweat though, nor did it smell and I was not sticky or anything. Actually my skin stills feels great and quite moisturized.  

On to the full body massage chair I went and boy was I not ready for this.  Oh my GAWD, this chair blew my mind right to outer space and back in time to enjoy the head massage.  This machine was like the boyfriend you always dreamed about.  It massaged my head and body and my hands and feet got in on the action as well. No parts were left out and that's just how I like it. I found myself getting a little besides myself a couple times, but I would say that's normal because that massage GAVE ME LIFE!!! I received 15 minutes of continuous head, back, shoulder, legs, feet and hand massaging. Truth be told, if I could take the machine home or get one for my office, I may not need a man. 

Let's not forget the tanning services that they are well known for which include...

  • Mystic Spray Tan & Airbrush
  • UV Therapy
  • Red Light Therapy
Coming in mid December they will begin offering a Hot Box detox and a foot sauna to do hot yoga. I can't do cold yoga or regular yoga for that matter, but if you can and/or up for the challenge then you are the real MVP!

Planet Beach Spa Gulfport is the only location in my great state of Mississippi, but you can locate a spa near you here. My local club works mostly on memberships which are regularly $59/month (unlimited spa & tanning), but has a $49/month special going on until November 30, 2015.  If you are not into memberships, they offer their services at $39 a service.  Membership is looking better huh?! Also, an added bonus is the staff.  They greet you as you walk in and very friendly the entire time.  I love when a company has staff that makes you feel at home.

*requires you to strip down or wear under garments (swimsuit) that you don't mind getting wet. 

Disclaimer ** I received this service free and am providing my honest opinion about the services received.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thin Botanicals Body Wrap

After a long day of working and commuting I find it hard to convince myself to go to the gym.  The lazy me wins 10 times out of 10 and I just go home and prepare for reality TV.  I can't even make myself do small workouts at home so I'm always looking for a shortcut.  Anything that shows quick results and seems simple, I will try once.  I have tried the waist trainer and saw nice results, however, my skin was damaged from scarring and I would rather avoid that route.  So when I saw the information about the body wraps, I jumped on it.

I received a package of thin botanicals body wraps, from Thin Botanicals, to try free of charge. The shipping was quick and item arrived on time as promised.  The wraps were packaged neat and damage free.  The item specifies that you should not wear the wraps during a menstrual cycle, pregnancy or if you are breast feeding.  The wraps are adhesive, petite and very undetectable under clothing which is always a plus when you are wearing them while at work or going out.  As you will notice from the photo, the wrap extends down into you "woman" area and that did not work for me. I thought about cutting it so it would not be so long, but did not want to make it less effective so I left it alone.  I will say that I only suffered minor discomfort when removing the wrap from that area. Much less than I expected.

I wore mine during the day while at work, but I read that it could be wore while sleeping also.  While wearing the wraps, I noticed slight heat and I guess that served as an indication that it was working.  I have not yet completed the set of wraps, so I have no results to report, but I will say that I feel that if I keep drinking water (no sodas or tea), eat better and continue with these wraps, I will see superb results in the slimming of my waist. I'm excited and will post results later..

Check out the wraps here and let me know they worked for you. Until next time, I'm out!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How To Get Free Stuff and Make Easy Funds

So, I live in Mississippi, where I feel like the cost of living is far greater than the wages that low to middle income families make.  With that said, I am always on the look out for great deals on items, whether it's 100% free, a discount off, or quid pro quo (this for that). Below you find a list of sites that I have joined and received from stuff or made easy money.

1. Influenster
I have a previous post about Influenster, that's just how great it is. I joined this site in May of 2014 and it does take a minute to get use to the site, but it is well worth it.  This site makes your work for their products though so if you are not up for answering questions, completing surveys or any other little tasks that they make available, this is not for you. You will be missing out though because it is most definitely worth the time and effort. They called their programs campaigns and they are sent out sporadically based upon the information that you have provided to them via surveys, etc. Since I signed up I have received three of their voxboxs. The biggest item and the one that made my life (YES, I said life, not day), was the Keurig 2.0.  They sent me the Keurig machine, the carafe pot, two boxes of kcups. A few days later, I received another box from Influenster and they'd sent me a kcup carousel. Influenster has expectations of you, but they are not unreasonable. Small things such as posting that you received this item, "Free" from Influenster on your social media sites and what not. Check out my other post, to read about the other items I have received.  I love Influenster and you will too.  Sign up here.

Pinch me is a bit confusing for me still and it seems a bit different these days than it use to be.  So I'm signed up on the site and every so many days, they have 3 to 4 samples available.  I have the option to select up to 3 items for my cart and receive by mail.  They also partner offers for those interested. As far as I can remember, they have no expectations of you. 

House Party is quite simple.  They have parties with certain products and brands that you can apply to host. You have to somewhat prove that you really want to host the party so they ask you to do small tasks like make a Facebook post, invite a friend to join the site and small other things depending upon the party you want to host. You can also apply to be a chatterbox where you get great samples for you and others to try and then you spread the word about the product via the chatterbox community.   Sign up here.   

4. Mystery Shopping
A lot of people are weary, but if you find the right companies, Mystery Shopping can be quite profitable. Below I am going to list mystery shopping companies that I have worked with or ones that I have not and are known to be legit. Some require you to obtain certification before performing them or before submitting a request. 
  • Marketforce - This company offers a variety of retail shops including gasoline stations, fast food establishments, sit-down restaurants, drug stores, computer stores, warehouse clubs, wireless telephone providers, bookstores, etc. It depends mainly on your area as to what types of shops are available to you. In my area, there are mostly food shops (Popeyes, Sonics, Raising Canes) and I did notice an AT&T shop available for $100 and movie installation shops. Most food shops pay a small free $3- $8 and offer reimbursement for your food purchase up to a certain amount. 
  • ShopperHub - This company offers a lot of Murphy USA shops (in my area) with required purchases of liquor or tobacco. Reasoning being they want to make sure their employees are carding those individuals that appear younger than 21 years of age.  I looked in other states and I noticed shops for Comcast, Murphy, Krispy Kreme, local grocery stores, etc. 
  • Shoppers' View- I have only been contacted about and performed phone shops for this company. They have you call into a phone system that will call the company for you so that the call is recorded and they grade you based on the conversation. Pretty simple!
  • Alta360 - Have not performed any shops, but they are mostly gas stations. 
  • GFK - The companies offers you an opportunity to audit stores for great fees. When they are in a crunch and need audits completed by an upcoming date, they offer large bonuses.  I performed two at ATT and made $70.  The store manager is aware that you are coming so it's called a Revealed Audit. You just have to verify that the props are visible, answer a few questions for GFK and take some pictures. Quick and easy!! I've not performed any, but they have some Best Buy audits listed and they pay well. From reading the requirements, I gather that it takes at least half a day to complete. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Stainless Steel Tweezers for Ingrown Hair

How many women like to pamper and care for their man. *Raises hand* I love to rub my man's head, feet and back, but what I love the most is taking care of his face.  Not only because I get some form of satisfaction out of pulling hairs from someones face, but because who wants a man with bumpy skin. NOT ME!! What bothers me though is those pesky ingrown hairs that are curled under and I can't seem to puncture the skin to get them out of there. What I have noticed is that it is those particular hairs that cause those huge bumps and are filled with so much puss.  Well, what do you do besides taking a safety pin or scissors and butcher his face, you get a pair of pointy tweezers.  That's what I did.

I had never seen any tweezers quite likes these, but Majestic Bombay sent me a free pair and I love them.  I called my boyfriend as soon as I found out I was receiving a pair and told him to get ready. Of course, since I have a reputation for being abrasive and heavy handed he was scared to death, but after some convincing I had him right where I needed him. I also had to promise that I would like blast his pictures to the world so we made a compromise that I would only use nose down pictures.  Last night, I cooked and liquored him up and right as he got comfortable I pulled out my handy dandy tweezers and went to work.  OMG you all can't guess the joy that I received from being able to actually reach and yank out those darn ingrown hairs.  I will say they most definitely are great for getting deep, but I had a bit of trouble with some of the other hairs because the ends are so straight.

All in all, I would say that this is a great product and I will definitely being using these on all the men in my family and I suggest you ladies get some for your men and you fellas get yourselves some or hint to your lady that you would like some. Click here to make your purchase today.