Wednesday, March 9, 2016

SantaMedical Mini Massager

I was super excited to receive this massager, but I wasn't as happy once I had used it. I can't put the feeling that I expected into words, however the feeling I got was not what I thought.  It feels more like a vibrator than a massager.  I know that it is called a vibrating massager, but I get all vibration and no massage. I have tried multiple times to use it and see if I grow to like it, but my like for it has not grown. I did use it on someone else just to see what their thoughts were and they were the same as mine, but liked the feeling they got when it was on high.


  1. It is petite and well designed which allows for people with the smallest hands to utilize it easily without the worries of it falling out of their hands.  Also it allows for easy storage.
  2. It has two modes; low and high. I think the more intensity the better it feels
  3. It is easy to use and all it requires is two AA batteries
  1. It feels like a vibrator, to me. This is not always a negative, but seeing that the intention is to be a body massager, it fails. 
  2. It does have the massager/vibrator noise and I think it could stand to be a bit quieter.  
  3. I can not hold it for a prolonged duration of time without switching hands. The steady vibration is not one that is tolerable to me. 
Every experience is different and no one person has the same feelings are another so I would definitely recommend trying the item out for yourself.  I have seen reviews where people absolutely loved the item and it served its purpose perfectly.  You can locate the item on amazon by clicking here.

I received this item at a heavy discount in exchange for my honest opinion.