Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Oh Gosh, It's That Time Again!

Here Comes Mother Nature

I was sitting at work and wondering what is it that I can write on my blog that I would like to share with others and then it hit me.  With mother nature knocking at my door, why not talk about her and all the "joy" that she brings.  For anyone that did not catch that, I was being sarcastic, hehe.  

At age 11, I got my first visit and how unprepared I was.  All that I knew was from what I heard in sex education and that was not much.  So she came and brought the pain with her.  It was so painful, I had to start taking prescription medicines (and get on birth control) but they only worked 50% of the time.  All throughout high school, I suffered from severe cramping and can almost bet you I missed one day of school every month.  

I still experienced painful cramps during college and the prescription medicines no longer helped due to prolonged usage, I guess! By my senior year, I had begun taking Excedrin Menstrual Complete and it alleviated pain to some extent. One day I ran out of water and had nothing else to take the Excedrin with so I asked my roommate if I could have a Dr. Pepper.  The combination of the Dr. Pepper and Excedrin was wonderful.  

Now, let me say this... I am no girly girl nor am I prissy so I was totally okay with the effects of the two, but some may deem them unacceptable for a woman. Basically, I said all that to say that it makes you burp and you may not always be able to control the volume.  When it comes to being ill-mannered, per se, I will take that over cramping ANY DAY!! 

You all will never understand how happy I was to finally find something that would take away 80% of my pain. And then, like all other good things, Excedrin Menstrual Complete, had to come to an end.  It was recalled and I've not seen it in stores since.  So, here I was back at step one.  I begin trying other medicines with Dr. Pepper and they would help, but it was nothing like Excedrin and trust me I have tried it all. I recently tried Excedrin Extra Strength and it seems to be a contender so I am going to try that until I find something better.   

A few other things that I utilize from time to time to help with the pain are...

  • Starbucks French Vanilla Frapp
  • Handy Dandy Heating Pad
  • Birth Control (regular use)

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How do you alleviate the pain of cramps? Comment below....