Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thin Botanicals Body Wrap

After a long day of working and commuting I find it hard to convince myself to go to the gym.  The lazy me wins 10 times out of 10 and I just go home and prepare for reality TV.  I can't even make myself do small workouts at home so I'm always looking for a shortcut.  Anything that shows quick results and seems simple, I will try once.  I have tried the waist trainer and saw nice results, however, my skin was damaged from scarring and I would rather avoid that route.  So when I saw the information about the body wraps, I jumped on it.

I received a package of thin botanicals body wraps, from Thin Botanicals, to try free of charge. The shipping was quick and item arrived on time as promised.  The wraps were packaged neat and damage free.  The item specifies that you should not wear the wraps during a menstrual cycle, pregnancy or if you are breast feeding.  The wraps are adhesive, petite and very undetectable under clothing which is always a plus when you are wearing them while at work or going out.  As you will notice from the photo, the wrap extends down into you "woman" area and that did not work for me. I thought about cutting it so it would not be so long, but did not want to make it less effective so I left it alone.  I will say that I only suffered minor discomfort when removing the wrap from that area. Much less than I expected.

I wore mine during the day while at work, but I read that it could be wore while sleeping also.  While wearing the wraps, I noticed slight heat and I guess that served as an indication that it was working.  I have not yet completed the set of wraps, so I have no results to report, but I will say that I feel that if I keep drinking water (no sodas or tea), eat better and continue with these wraps, I will see superb results in the slimming of my waist. I'm excited and will post results later..

Check out the wraps here and let me know they worked for you. Until next time, I'm out!!