Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How To Get Free Stuff and Make Easy Funds

So, I live in Mississippi, where I feel like the cost of living is far greater than the wages that low to middle income families make.  With that said, I am always on the look out for great deals on items, whether it's 100% free, a discount off, or quid pro quo (this for that). Below you find a list of sites that I have joined and received from stuff or made easy money.

1. Influenster
I have a previous post about Influenster, that's just how great it is. I joined this site in May of 2014 and it does take a minute to get use to the site, but it is well worth it.  This site makes your work for their products though so if you are not up for answering questions, completing surveys or any other little tasks that they make available, this is not for you. You will be missing out though because it is most definitely worth the time and effort. They called their programs campaigns and they are sent out sporadically based upon the information that you have provided to them via surveys, etc. Since I signed up I have received three of their voxboxs. The biggest item and the one that made my life (YES, I said life, not day), was the Keurig 2.0.  They sent me the Keurig machine, the carafe pot, two boxes of kcups. A few days later, I received another box from Influenster and they'd sent me a kcup carousel. Influenster has expectations of you, but they are not unreasonable. Small things such as posting that you received this item, "Free" from Influenster on your social media sites and what not. Check out my other post, to read about the other items I have received.  I love Influenster and you will too.  Sign up here.

Pinch me is a bit confusing for me still and it seems a bit different these days than it use to be.  So I'm signed up on the site and every so many days, they have 3 to 4 samples available.  I have the option to select up to 3 items for my cart and receive by mail.  They also partner offers for those interested. As far as I can remember, they have no expectations of you. 

House Party is quite simple.  They have parties with certain products and brands that you can apply to host. You have to somewhat prove that you really want to host the party so they ask you to do small tasks like make a Facebook post, invite a friend to join the site and small other things depending upon the party you want to host. You can also apply to be a chatterbox where you get great samples for you and others to try and then you spread the word about the product via the chatterbox community.   Sign up here.   

4. Mystery Shopping
A lot of people are weary, but if you find the right companies, Mystery Shopping can be quite profitable. Below I am going to list mystery shopping companies that I have worked with or ones that I have not and are known to be legit. Some require you to obtain certification before performing them or before submitting a request. 
  • Marketforce - This company offers a variety of retail shops including gasoline stations, fast food establishments, sit-down restaurants, drug stores, computer stores, warehouse clubs, wireless telephone providers, bookstores, etc. It depends mainly on your area as to what types of shops are available to you. In my area, there are mostly food shops (Popeyes, Sonics, Raising Canes) and I did notice an AT&T shop available for $100 and movie installation shops. Most food shops pay a small free $3- $8 and offer reimbursement for your food purchase up to a certain amount. 
  • ShopperHub - This company offers a lot of Murphy USA shops (in my area) with required purchases of liquor or tobacco. Reasoning being they want to make sure their employees are carding those individuals that appear younger than 21 years of age.  I looked in other states and I noticed shops for Comcast, Murphy, Krispy Kreme, local grocery stores, etc. 
  • Shoppers' View- I have only been contacted about and performed phone shops for this company. They have you call into a phone system that will call the company for you so that the call is recorded and they grade you based on the conversation. Pretty simple!
  • Alta360 - Have not performed any shops, but they are mostly gas stations. 
  • GFK - The companies offers you an opportunity to audit stores for great fees. When they are in a crunch and need audits completed by an upcoming date, they offer large bonuses.  I performed two at ATT and made $70.  The store manager is aware that you are coming so it's called a Revealed Audit. You just have to verify that the props are visible, answer a few questions for GFK and take some pictures. Quick and easy!! I've not performed any, but they have some Best Buy audits listed and they pay well. From reading the requirements, I gather that it takes at least half a day to complete.