Monday, November 23, 2015

The Keywiz

Have you ever experienced a moment of uncertainty due to not remembering if you locked the doors to your home?  Well, I have once or twice, but my dear ex-boyfriend can never remember is he locks the doors to his vehicles.  I recently received The Keywiz and intended to give to him, but it does not appear to be made for vehicle keys that have the thick frames.  Instead, I used it on my house key.  At first I was a bit confused because there were two free lying stickers included and both said locked, but I'll explain that in a minute.

So, included in The Keywiz package were 12 different inserts for a variety of key sizes.  Keep in mind that the opening for the key insert is a narrow box shape so you probably would only be able to utilize it for residential and commercial property doors.  Also, there were the stickers that I mentioned above.  After reading over the instructions, I quickly figured out that the color sticker you used depended upon what color LED light lite up after your locked your door.  Basically, you figure out what insert your key will fit into, push the insert into The Keywiz and press the purple button to see if you locked your door.  There is a blue and an orange light and once you have locked your door using the Keywiz and press the button, one of the lights will light up. The color of the light depends upon the color that flashed the very first time you tried it.  The color that lights up is the color sticker that you will place on the back of The Keywiz.

I locked my door with They Keywiz and when I pressed the purple button, it flashed blue. I used the blue sticker as indicated. I unlocked the door and it flashed orange. At this point I can say that the product did as it stated it would because blue means locked and orange means unlocked.  I tried it and it worked, but I find it hard to remove my key from The Keywiz. I have tried and tried to get my key out of the insert, but I don't want to pull too hard because I'm afraid I will either break it or my key.  All in all, I think it is a good concept that could use a little work on the delivery of the locked/unlocked status.

If you would like to try The Keywiz visit their page on amazon here .

**Disclaimer.. I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review.