Friday, November 20, 2015

SOL Silicone Wedding Ring for Men

If you've got a husband who loves you to death, but won't wear his wedding ring for this reason or that reason, then you need to order him a SOL Silicone Wedding Ring for Men, a high quality wedding band for active lifestyle.  This ring allows versatility that an average wedding ring might now.  There is no slippage issue, no worries of it getting caught on something and it complements every outfit just right..

The item can be located on Amazon by clicking here.  It is sold by RAAZOS and fulfilled by Amazon Prime.  I ordered it and selected two day shipping.  I got it in three days, but I suspect it was an issue with the courier and no fault of Amazon because everything else gets delivered on time. Currently, the item is being sold for $12.99 and free shipping is offered is you spend over $35.

Details about the wedding band include..

MATERIAL: Hypoallergenic, non conductive, non porous, non toxic, waterproof, medical grade silicone rubber. Designed for: Electricians, Firefighters, Policemen, Travelers, Bikers, Campers and Outdoor Adventurers.
DISCOVER COMFORT AND SAFETY IN YOUR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: A safe alternative for the metal wedding ring - our flexible basketball, baseball, climbing, diving, water sports, and any activity you take on.
STYLISH silicone wedding band in a modern masculine design. Gray with red stripe.
THIN but strong and durable.
WIDTH is 8.7mm, thickness is 2mm.

According to RAAZOS...
"The SOL Silicone Wedding Band is a high-quality alternative for men with active lifestyles and jobs requiring machinery.
Safer than the traditional wedding band, our hypoallergenic, non-conductive, non-porous, non-toxic, waterproof, medical grade silicone rubber band will let you pursue your active lifestyle while still showing the world you are happily married!
Ring evulsion incidents are common. A sudden pull on a finger ring can result in serious soft tissue injury.

In SOL Rings we value your complete satisfaction and strive to offer the best quality product and excellent customer service. Please contact us with any problem or suggestion, we love to hear from our costumers

At SOL rings, we are inspired by the sun that represent all the good things in life."

Now, I have no husband nor do I have a boyfriend, but I do have friends that are married or have been married.  I have heard at least one say that he doesn't wear a ring because of the duties of his job and it can be dangerous. So, he was my model and I'm sure his wife will be happy about this gift because now he has no more excuses, but I may have just lost a friend.  Ha ha, I doubt it!  

The ring appears to be brown and red, but it's actually grey and red.  According to my guy friend, despite his hesitation, the ring is very comfortable and stylish for a man.  He stated, " I would actually considering wearing this on a daily basis and would see if I could wear it while working." Looks like his wife may be a new customer for RAAZOS and get all the looks available.  Don't be let out, order you husband one today!

Disclaimer** I received this product free in exchange for an honest review..